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About Nanotech Ventures

Nanotech Ventures B.V. focuses on small to medium size enterprises (SME) that provide distinct customer benefits based on unique technology differentiators, resulting in a strong market position. Nanotech Ventures embraces disruptive technologies and companies such as internet, software and technology companies as well as venture capital and private equity funds focusing on SME companies. Nanotech Ventures actively supports the development and growth of the companies.


Job Elders PhD

Managing Director

Job Elders founded several technology, industrial and B2B companies and managed the growth of those companies. He serves as chairman of the board of Loop Robots B.V., Physee Holding B.V. and of Micronit B.V. (NL) and as advisor of Zenzium Inc. (MA, USA) and 747 Capital (NY, USA). He is advisor of Thich Nhat Hahn's Buddhist monastery Plum Village, founder and board member of the Kipaji scholarship fund of the University of Twente and board member of Eric Bleumink foundation of the University of Groningen. 


Job Elders served as statutory director of Meride in 2018 and Xsens Holding B.V. until its acquisition by Fairchild Semiconductor Limited (NASDAQ, FCS) in 2014. He was founder and CEO of C2V until its acquisition by Thermo Fisher Scientific, (NYSE, TMO) in 2009. He was founder and CEO of TMP in the mid nineties and served as TMP’s Managing Director until its acquisition by Kymata Ltd and served as Vice President and General Manager of Alcatel Optronics Netherlands after Alcatel’s (NYSE, ALU) acquisition of the operations in 2001.


He is the author of more than 80 technical and business publications as well as patents. He received his Ph.D. in Physical Chemistry from the University of Amsterdam.

Nanotech Ventures BV is based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands


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